Exceptional Healthcare Career Opportunity: Insurance Eligibility Verification

Exceptional Healthcare Career Opportunity
Once the ball drops in Times Square this coming New Years Eve,  hospitals from Bangor, Maine to San Diego, California and everywhere in between will experience an unprecedented change in the way healthcare delivery happens.  This is going to happen because January 1, 2014 is the date chosen by our politicians in D.C as the day to open the flood gates.  I say open the flood gates; because of the...
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The Manhattan Project | How Compound Interest Would Effect The Island Purchase

When asked what the most powerful force in the universe was, Albert Einstein said that the principle of compounding was. When applied to the world of finance, think of the awesome power of compound interest, when you are able to earn interest income on your interest income. This is how almost everyone on the Forbes 400 list made it there.  Obviously, it will take a plan and a large amount of discipline...
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Housing | Back by Popular Demand….At Least According To The Media

Housing, real estate
I was in the Omaha Airport and saw this most recent issue of Money Magazine and it reminded me of the golden years of 2006-2007.  The very years where the media and investment pundits were pushing real estate as the investment vehicle sure to make all of us rich as thieves!  You remember these years, when housing values were skyrocketing, construction was rampant, and soccer moms were moonlighting...
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