Insider Stock Buys | Best Indication Of A Buying Opportunity?

Best Indication Of A Buying Opportunity?
There’s a reason why some insider stock buys are illegal: our financial system would be patently unfair if certain individuals had sure-fire tips on what companies were going to do before the general public did. Everyone from Martha Stewart to Jeffrey Skilling has bent the rules to get a hot stock tip, and they have paid the price for it.  Yet, what many people don’t  realize is that insider...
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Death Panels Phooey, Here Is How It Will Really Work

Death Panels
In 2009 Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid performed the Healthcare Overhall Road Show to sell the very suspicious public, the Affordable Care Act.  During this Road Show, a term known as Death Panels was uncovered by the Republicans ( I believe Sarah Palin to be exact).  Most of you have heard this term, I think it was blown out of proportion mainly in an effort to make Mrs. Palin appear out of touch...
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What You Don’t Know About Pre-Paid Phone Plans

Pre-Paid Phone Plans, cellphone
In a world full of expensive smart phones, being “grandfathered in” to unlimited data plans, and outrageous competition between cellular networks, there’s a tiny subset of underdogs that’s slowly growing in popularity. These underdogs are a little something called pre-paid phone plans. You might not know this but pre-paid phone plans are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons....
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When Inflation Rises It’s Time To LEAP Into This Investment

Inflation Rises, Leap
If you are like me and get nervous at the thought that interest rates are at the lowest point we have ever witnessed, your concern is valid.  Well, unfortunately this will continue for the foreseeable future.  This is the way the federal government props up the economy.  Typically when interest rates are artificially low, stocks go up, debt is easier to service, and people get lost in a true haze...
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