Creature From Jekyll Island | Birth of the Federal Reserve System in 1913

Federal Reserve System
It can be a bit disheartening to know that many of the most powerful institutions that we have in a supposedly free and democratic country were founded during secret meetings that the public knew nothing about. Sometimes, such clandestine meetings are necessary to protect national security; at other times, however, they are held to avoid public backlash and to enable some of society’s most rich...
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7 Of My Favorite Financial Blog Writers

Favorite Financial Blog Writers
business, finance, saving, technology and people concept – close up of woman hands with laptop computer and us dollar money I wanted to share my thoughts on 7 of my favorite finance blog writers.  I have so much respect for all you writers out there who share your thoughts and research, and work so hard to develop your audience and personal brand.  In an effort to narrow my list a bit, I have...
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The Marshall Plan of 1948 | An Effort To Clear The US Conscience

When you interact with Europeans, especially those in the older age range, some remember to thank you for the part that the United States played in rescuing their country from Nazism in World War II. What few Europeans thank Americans for is the economic rescue plan that resurrected their economies from the ashes, the famed Marshall Plan of 1948 has regained notice in the media as Europe again seeks...
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