Save For a Rainy Day and Avoid the Pitfalls of Voluntary Servitude

Debt has become such a given in our culture that many of us take large amounts of it on without giving it a second thought. We Americans are born optimists, and we often buy now and plan to pay later, when we have advanced in our company and our paycheck is a little fatter. We no longer save for a rainy day; we buy in anticipation of many sunny days. Despite the nationwide slowdown in consumer spending,...
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The Top 3 Finance Occupations in High Demand Today

The Top 3 Finance Occupations
Whether you are choosing your college degree or thinking about a career switch, the financial investment services is one of the most in-demand job markets in the country and (for that matter) the world today. Basically, the investment services industry requires technical knowledge, social skills and sales acumen. Corporations, investors, or even financially-conscious individuals have specific commercial,...
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