Is Minimalism the Key to Happiness?

Minimalism the Key to Happiness
Dee Williams tiny House. Image courtesy of Take a quick look around your kitchen.  How many items do you have?  If you do much cooking at all, you likely have many pots, pans, skillets, muffin tins, and baking sheets.  How many pieces of silverware do you have?  How many kitchen pieces do you have that you never use? Walk into your master closet.  How many pairs of shoes...
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Partnering to Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business, partnership
Photo courtesy of Nearly every business reaches the limits of its owner’s ability to expand operations without either borrowing money or hiring employees. While either action could enable the owner to grow the business, each will also result in carrying costs that will either strain current financial resources, or cut deeply into future profits. But there is another way to grow the business,...
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Are You Leaving Money Behind?

Leaving Money Behind, unclaimed money, unclaimed property
An MSN article in July 2013, cites over 41.7 billion dollars of unclaimed property, as reported by The National Association of Unclaimed Property.1 Those assets range from basic savings accounts, insurance payments, to abandoned brokerage accounts and other investments. With a population of 317.8 million2, that works out to a rough estimate of $130 for each U.S. citizen. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle...
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How to Get Paid to Borrow Money – or – How to Invest in Rental Real Estate

Invest in Rental Real Estate
written by Kevin Mercadante. There is a feature to investing in real estate that is not found in virtually any other type of investment asset. When you buy rental real estate, you’re getting paid to borrow money.  No, it’s not quite as simple as all that, but that’s basically the end result. That can make rental real estate one of the very best investments you can own. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle...
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What It Takes To Get A Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed

Get A Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed
Getting a mortgage is tough enough these days, but it’s even more complicated – and frustrating – when you’re self-employed. This is because the mortgage industry prefers to give loans to people who are employed by someone else. There is a widely held perception that holding a job is a lot less risky than having your own business. It’s also much easier for lenders to document and evaluate...
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