1. We’ve long been thinking about investing in cattle, as the stock market freaks us out right now too. Jim, it just doesn’t feel right to be putting a ton of money in the market to us right now. Call it instinct, or call it fear if you want, but I think cattle is a much safer bet at this point…..

    • Jim says:

      I too am nervous about the market, it is simply out of my control. I like things that have intrinsic value, if things get really dismal economically, then if I had to I could feed my family with the cows, but you cant eat stocks!

  2. CashRebel says:

    Investing in Cattle!? That’s awesome. I’ve heard Pauline at RFI talk about this before, but I’d never really thought too much about it. Do you have to do anything or is it all taken care of? Do you have to rent the land? Great post!

    • Jim says:

      Thanks Cash Rebel! My friend will be keeping the cattle on his grandfathers property so that part is taken care of. I will have to cover the costs associated with feed and vaccinations, but really my part is all financial. I am excited to see the growth of the cattle and will keep you all posted in future articles.

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