3 Top Tips for Brightening your Home

There is nothing better during the warmer months of the year than having a bright and attractive home. After months of darkness and keeping the cold out by closing the curtains, it can be incredibly satisfying to open up your windows to allow plenty of natural light and fresh air to cascade through. In addition to making your home look much more attractive and fresh, it can also do wonders for your...
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Is The Dream of Home Ownership Dead?

Home ownership is usually considered to be the hallmark of the American Dream. Yet complications have arisen. Prices have increased and the availability of mortgages has fallen since 2008. Home ownership itself has been called into question going forward. We’re going to look at whether the end of home ownership is a real possibility in the future. Texas has Proven It’s Going Nowhere The most lucrative...
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Why Should First-time Homebuyers Invest in a Home Warranty Protection?

You probably know already that you can get a warranty to cover the repair/replacement of gadgets such as smartphones and computers. New cars also come with a warranty and some used cars have some time left on their warranty. However, many first-time homeowners are surprised when they find out that they can also buy and get a warranty on their homes. A home warranty simply refers to a service contract...
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Buying Your First Home? Here are 5 Tips to Getting Prepared Financially

Purchasing your first home is one of life’s most exciting times, but it can also feel overwhelming – especially if you are ill prepared. A “learn as you go” mentality will simply not work when buying a home, since what looks like a small setback or surprise can easily end up costing you thousands down the line. To keep your costs at a reasonable level, many first-time home buyers convince...
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Is Living In A Tiny Home A Cheaper Alternative?

Tiny homes have begun to gain a lot of popularity in recent years. People are tired of living in the sedentary life and have decided to go small. Just think about it, being able to get up and travel to a new part of a country, and still being able to sleep in your home once you get there. The pains from moving to a new place are a thing of the past. But, how much do you actually save living in a tiny...
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