Do you need to tip a house painter?

There always seems to be a gray area when it comes to tipping someone. Some people are more prone to tip, while others feel the base price should suffice for the work. For many service workers, a tip can do wonders for their ending paycheck. With the home improvement season around the corner, more homeowners are going to be painting or repainting their houses. But, if you decide to forgo painting the...
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How to Fix Your Credit BEFORE it’s Broke

When it comes to your credit, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, meaning it’s much easier to build and maintain a high credit score than it is to rebuild a poor credit score. Why is that? Because many of the practices that lead to poor credit put you in a situation that’s difficult to climb out of, especially if you end up in a cycle of debt. So, just how should you keep your credit...
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Uncertain Financial Times: How to Decide If You Really Need to Borrow Money

Most of us borrow money at some point in our lives. Whether to buy something small on the credit card or to take out a mortgage for a home, there are many ways we can borrow. But is it always the right decision for you? Many people borrow money without properly thinking it through, so it is always worth making the decision to borrow very carefully. Here’s a guide to the main issues to consider. Decide...
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Smart Money Moves: Simple Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Financial Future

Taking control of your finances is something that you can do at any time. You can start today, and decisions you make now can have a big impact on your future. So here are some simple steps that you can take right now to make a positive difference to your financial future. Start Saving Small Amounts This is one of the biggest things you can do right away. Even if you are only saving up a very small...
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How to Manage Your Money When Your Income is Limited

Money management isn’t easy for many, and it can feel especially challenging when you have a low income. Finding ways to make ends meet can feel like a daily struggle, but there are steps you can take to help make a limited income stretch as far as possible. To help you get started, here are some tips on how to manage your money when your income is limited. Understand Your Bills The first step to...
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Ready for Self-Employment

Getting Your Life Ready for Self-Employment

You’ve just come up with an outstanding idea for a business. Your business plan is in place, and you... more →