Are Banking Implants The Future For Transactions?

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of microchip technology. With chip cards becoming the standard in almost all transactions, could we possibly see a banking implant in the next few years? This sounds like something out of a terrible dystopian novel series, we know, but it does seem likely. We have been able to use microchips in debit and credit cards since the 1980s, but it was not until...
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Should You Protect Your Home With Disaster Insurance?

If something can go wrong it most likely will go wrong. Therefore, you should be well prepared before the any of the bad happens. Which is why having disaster insurance should be a top priority before a disaster affects you. Hurricane Harvey has displaced 40,000 people from their homes. Houstonians have been stranded in their homes or forced to evacuate. A handful of people have been killed due to...
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5 Most Common Tax Mistakes People Make

“There is nothing certain in this life but death and taxes.” It’s an old saying but one that still rings true for those struggling to file their taxes and looking for a refund. As tax season comes to a close, many people can be found trying to puzzle the tax documents out either with a CPA, by themselves, or by using an online option. While figuring out your taxes for yourself can be difficult,...
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How Much Does It Cost to Own a Private Jet?

Imagine being able to fly whenever you wanted to. Not having to wait for your flight to arrive, fuel and board. Gone are the days of you sitting in front of that annoying 9-year-old who keeps kicking your seat. We are talking about owning a private jet, but how much does it cost to own a private jet? Where do you start? Before you start factoring the costs for your new jet there are a few things you...
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How Much Should You Budget for an Engagement Ring?

Guys always seem to have a tough time coming up with the right amount they need to save when buying an engagement ring. Even though there’s lots of information online about this topic, we often get mixed messages and it’s difficult to tell the true amount a guy needs to save in order to get a great engagement ring for his soon-to-be spouse as long as she says yes. With that in mind, there are a...
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