Spend Some, Save Some: Sensible Ways to Cut Your Wedding Budget Dramatically

Focus on the factors that really matter, mix with a bit of nuptial know-how, and you and your guests are sure to enjoy a stress free wedding you’ll remember for a lifetime. Cut costs where you can, splurge on the essentials and make it the most special day, ever. In the interest of romantic couples everywhere, we’re pleased to present a few savvy wedding-day tips to keep in mind. The easiest way...
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Passing Your Driver’s Test: How to Earn Your Driver’s License the First Time

Driving is often synonymous with pure freedom. There’s something empowering and exciting about being able to hop into your vehicle at any time and hit the road. It can be a real hassle to depend on others for a ride, especially if you live far from sources of public transportation. But before you can roll the windows down and feel the wind in your hair—or simply upgrade the ride to school or work—you...
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5 Ways to Make Your Car More Energy Efficient

Computer-controlled driverless cars that always run at optimum efficiency are still probably a decade away from being widely available, and most Americans, whose wages haven’t gone up (in real terms) for the past 30 years, aren’t paid enough to afford the most-efficient classes of electric and hybrid vehicles. That means the average Joe or Jane must work harder and harder to squeeze as much mileage...
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Which Cities Provide the Best Quality of Life?

Defining all the aspects that add up to form the perfect quality of life will be different from person to person. Some will look to places with the highest amount of green space and cleanest air, while others will desire those with the lowest cost of living, or the best services on offer. There have been many studies undertaken to work out which cities have the best quality of life for their citizens,...
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What to Do When an Unmarked Car Attempts to Pull You Over

Being pulled over by a real police officer can be disturbing, but what about when you realize that the person isn’t even a police officer? While data on police impersonations can be hard to come by, more than enough incidents have surfaced over the years to make the threat a reality. Police impersonations involving motorists are especially problematic. Impersonators driving unmarked cars pull over...
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Twitter IPO, investment

Twitter IPO, Don’t Fall For It, Man!

Let me start out by saying, I am a huge fan of Twitter and an even bigger fan of Jack Dorsey, it’s... more →