From Muffins to Millions: South Africa’s youngest millionaire Sandile Shezi

We have known for years about the different resources Africa as to offer. Now we are able to witness the people pave the way for innovation in technology and business. Many young people are starting to make names for themselves by investing in the market. South Africa, in particular, is starting to become more well known to the rest of the world. No, not for surfing, or their participation in the...
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How Tim Grittani’s Net Worth Grew in Only Three Years

In 2017, everyone wants an entrepreneur lifestyle lots of money. This generation does not want to sit in the cubicle with that plastic fern surfing Facebook. We as a generation say hell no to the 9-to-5. Gone is the boring work routine that your grandfather had sitting in a small cubicle. The golden question is, however, how do you do that? Some people are creators. Other professionals have taken to...
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The Wonders of Day Trading Strategies

When I started out taking day trading classes, I thought you would end up picking stocks just like you pick the ponies. Do a little research, find some ones that feel lucky, select your horses and sit back to watch the profits roll in. Boy, was I wrong. It turns out, you really need day trading strategies to take advantage of daily moves in the market. Warrior Trading breaks down a lot of these strategies....
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Start investing right with this 2017 stock investment checklist

We are a few days into the new year, and this is the best time to start investing. You could begin with a new IRA or you could start by investing in yourself. If you have the money, however, you should consider investing in some different stocks. Yes, investing in the market could be the option that fits your lifestyle the best. To get the most out of your investments there are a few features you want...
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Extreme Surge in the Oil Price Secured a Record High Last Week

There was extreme instability in the in the energy sectors since the price of oil was dropping in the market like falling stone. However, things dramatically changed in the energy sector after OPEC declared a capping in the oil the production. In the last week, the long awaiting pending rate hike decision was settled down in the financial market by the FED.There result of the rate hike decision was...
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