How Much Interest Will I Earn On $1 million?

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Your great-grandmother Bernice has passed and left you with a nice nest egg, $1 million. Instead of blowing in two days in Vegas, you decide to invest it. So, how much interest will you earn on $1 million? It is time to do the right thing. While you may not have had an especially close relationship with your aunt, you were likable enough to earn a spot in her will. Investing your new-found wealth...
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How Old Must You Be to Start Investing?

If investing is something that holds your interest you may have already done some reading and research about the topic. If you have, you probably already know that one of the key ingredients to building wealth is time. The sooner you start investing the faster you can build wealth. In addition, if you start investing at a young age you can accumulate a larger amount of money than if you wait until...
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Tips for Forex Trading in an Internationalized Market

Compared to much of the rest of the world, America is a very homogenized country with one language and one currency spreading thousands of miles. In parts of Asia, Europe and Africa a similar zone would be almost unimaginable. That’s probably one of the reasons why foreign currency markets don’t get as much press coverage in the US as they do in other parts of the world. But as even a cursory...
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FIREcalc Can Help You Figure Out How Long Your Money Will Last

How long does your money last? Are you one of those extremely frugal individuals that hold on to every red cent? Or do you blow your paycheck on Friday every two weeks? Whatever your preference is, you should be saving some of your money for your retirement. Anyone can make money, however, being able to make your money stretch is a super power. Thankfully you have tools like FIREcalc, to help you with...
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How to Invest in Trading to Increase Your Income

In a world full of opportunity, there are many ways in which you can top up your income. Trading is one method which is popular the world over, due to its fast paced and varied nature. Here is a quick insight into how you can trade on the global markets to generate some extra income. Open an Account Since trading is a vast and widely undertaken activity, many brokers have appeared online over the years....
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