New Life Insurance Policy Covers Death By Loch Ness Monster

When you take out a life-insurance policy, you are choosing to protect your family should the worst come to pass and you die prematurely. Life insurance is an important aspect of financial planning, and many people decide to purchase a policy for their peace of mind. However, when you buy life insurance, you may not be thinking too much about the way in which you actually die. And, it has come as a...
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What Do Life Insurance Policies Need to Contain?

If you have anyone in your life that you are financially responsible for then obtaining life insurance is the most caring and responsible thing you can do for your loved ones. Having life insurance gives you and your family a financial safety net that will allow your mind to rest at ease. Many people feel somewhat daunted by the thought of life insurance, not only because they are associated with your...
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Benefits of Having Tax Breaks for Military Families

In the Army? Use These Opportunities To Ease Your Tax Burden written by: Bernd Blezzed Are you a member of the military? Similar to other occupations, army men and women are bound by law to pay taxes. However, the government recognizes the risky nature of their job, and their undying dedication to protect the sovereignty of the nation. In line with this, Armed Forces members, reservists, and veterans...
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Top Tips for Trading CFDs

Trading contracts for difference, or CFDs, is an incredibly high-risk game to play. It is perhaps one of the most intricate, misunderstood, and complex markets in existence, and it for this reason that so many novice traders are simply chewed up and spat back out. For those who are aiming for a different outcome, it’s incredibly important to understand the markets that you’re trading: how they...
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Do You Need Active Investment Management?

Just like anything in the investment industry, there are winners and there are losers. This is no more apparent than when looking at the field of active investment managers. These are the guys who say “Yes, buy this” or “No, don’t buy that”. It may sound simple, but there’s a LOT of work that goes into picking stocks that will make you a lot of money. And they’ve got to pick a lot of...
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Navigating the Often Rough Seas of Personal Finance

There was a time when personal finances meant living within a budget, purchasing a few necessities on... more →