How to Save While Using Your Smartphone

Your smartphone enables you to easily do a lot of things, and that includes spending money. It’s time to start reining in those costs and use your phone to save. Sure, you can start by adjusting your plan, but that’s all it is — a start. You need to get tough on yourself and make bigger changes that leave more money in your wallet. You’ll find that you can take some pressure off...
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Your Guide to Crushing The 52 Week Saving Challenge

money saving challenge, saving tips, saving advice
This year is finally coming to a close. Quite frankly this whole year has been on its last leg since July. The best thing we can do is look toward 2017 and hope it is better than this year. Since January is knocking on our door, we wanted to give you a few pointers to saving in the new year. The most popular New Year’s resolution is getting fit and healthy. Right behind that is spending less and...
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Everyone Gets a Deal With Snagshout

getting deals with snagshout, snagshout deals, snagshout promos
When you are thinking of buying a product what do you do first? Do you look at the specifications that are listed? Maybe you look at the product description to see if it will do the job you need it to. If you are like most people you probably look at the reviews to see if there are people that really use this electric razor with a built-in atomic clock. You may have wondered of those reviews were real...
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Redbox Alternatives That Are Not Going to Break the Bank

redbox alternatives, save money on dvds, save money on watching movies
Hey, you broke young adult, you are probably reading this because you are tired of paying for those Redbox DVDs. We here at Critical Financial understand, frivolous expenses add up when you are calculating your budget. So, we have compiled a short list of affordable Redbox alternatives that will leave you in the black. Courtesy of Tappa Productions For those of you that have no clue what Redbox is...
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Get Rich: 5 Essential Habits for Generating Wealth

generating wealth, building wealth tips, getting rich tips
Don’t kid yourself, you wish you were rich. After all, most people wish that had more money, or more freedom to have and do the things they enjoy most. But more often than not, when your savings are nearly depleted, you are mired in debt, and you are working yourself to exhaustion just to stay above water, it may seem like getting rich is all but impossible. But the truth is, most of us have the...
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