5 Tactics for Training Employees on New Video Technology

The modern world is evolving at an almost alarming pace, with new technologies constantly changing the way we communicate, socialize and do business – forcing us to adapt at an ever rapid speed. Those who can’t adapt quickly enough, however, tend to fall behind, and this is apparent in both the social and business side of society. With this in mind, it’s important that you, as a business leader,...
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The Rise of the Online Degree

Determination, drive, and tangible skills can propel you toward a prosperous future. If anything is going to get in the way, it is likely the absence of a degree. While earning a degree prepares you to scale the ladder of success, it often means putting your career on hold. Online bachelor’s degrees are designed to develop your skills in specific areas without having to quit your job, and employers...
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Do Good Grades Equate to Good Jobs?

good grades in school, getting a good job, good grades vs. good jobs
“I got straight A’s!  Gimme the job!” Don’t say this unless you want to be laughed out of the interview. One day (or perhaps even right now) you will have your own company or you will be hired at another company because of the desire to make money. High grades alone prove nothing of your ability to be successful. They give a hint that you can be successful. After all, you are due some...
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How to Get Your First Job As A Teenager: 6 Steps to Success

first job tips, working as a teenager, teenager first job tips
Follow these steps and you will soon you’re only worry will be which job you want to accept.   Anyone can land a great job just by following these proven steps.  And by anyone – that includes you!  It’s time to use your MacBook Pro for something actually professional.    1) Create a Resume and List of References – You may not think at this age your resume would be a blank page but...
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How Much You’ll Save by Graduating Early from College: Part 2

Here we continue our plan for early graduation and the ultimate prize of $1,759,614.15! Let’s move into step 5. Step 5: Rack up credits! Overload classes. At most schools you need to have a certain GPA before you can take on extra courses, usually like a 3.7. If you feel you can handle the extra courses, by all means, take them. It’s laughable when people only take 11 credit hours a semester...
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