5 Study Tips for Future CPAs

Are you prepping for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams? It may feel overwhelming but it’s worth it and definitely an achievable goal. CPAs do have more job security than with accountants that doesn’t have the certification. Becoming a CPA will be the best decision you will ever make since they are valued and desired all over the world. Before you can go and live the life of a CPA, you...
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From Muffins to Millions: South Africa’s youngest millionaire Sandile Shezi

We have known for years about the different resources Africa as to offer. Now we are able to witness the people pave the way for innovation in technology and business. Many young people are starting to make names for themselves by investing in the market. South Africa, in particular, is starting to become more well known to the rest of the world. No, not for surfing, or their participation in the...
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Career Advice: Working In The Financial World

As a professional who wants to work in finance, you might have come across people who question your desire to enter the industry. You may even have doubts about working in the financial world. After recent years of financial scandals and turmoil, it’s understandable if anyone has hesitant thoughts about finance. But, what’s missing from discussions lately about financial professionals is the profound...
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5 Tactics for Training Employees on New Video Technology

The modern world is evolving at an almost alarming pace, with new technologies constantly changing the way we communicate, socialize and do business – forcing us to adapt at an ever rapid speed. Those who can’t adapt quickly enough, however, tend to fall behind, and this is apparent in both the social and business side of society. With this in mind, it’s important that you, as a business leader,...
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The Rise of the Online Degree

Determination, drive, and tangible skills can propel you toward a prosperous future. If anything is going to get in the way, it is likely the absence of a degree. While earning a degree prepares you to scale the ladder of success, it often means putting your career on hold. Online bachelor’s degrees are designed to develop your skills in specific areas without having to quit your job, and employers...
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