How Much Does It Cost to Own a Private Jet?

Imagine being able to fly whenever you wanted to. Not having to wait for your flight to arrive, fuel and board. Gone are the days of you sitting in front of that annoying 9-year-old who keeps kicking your seat. We are talking about owning a private jet, but how much does it cost to own a private jet? Where do you start? Before you start factoring the costs for your new jet there are a few things you...
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How Much Interest Will I Earn On $1 million?

how to use craigslist, searchtempest like a pro
Your great-grandmother Bernice has passed and left you with a nice nest egg, $1 million. Instead of blowing in two days in Vegas, you decide to invest it. So, how much interest will you earn on $1 million? It is time to do the right thing. While you may not have had an especially close relationship with your aunt, you were likable enough to earn a spot in her will. Investing your new-found wealth...
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What Can Warrior Trading Do For You?

When you want to learn how to day trade, you need to find a day trading education site with serious chops that can teach you the correct strategies to find hot stocks, how to manage risk as you trade and the ins and outs of keeping detailed records of your trading activities. When you are out searching for a site that will teach you what you need to know, you need to be on the look out for promotional...
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The Best Financial Advice For Buying A New Car

Choosing the right car requires some sound financial advice. With so many options that claim to help you save money when buying a car, you can really fall down a financial hole when investing in a new or used car. You should know just what you want in a car, and stick to your goals – but also be very practical when making this purchase. Below are some sound tips to help you get the best deal...
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The Wonders of Walmart Check Cashing

In recent years, direct deposit has begun to take over most forms of transactions. For the rest of us, well, we still have to take a physical check to be cashed. In this article, we will be breaking down the basics of Walmart check cashing. When was the last time you had to cash a check? We live in an automated world now and most of the time we will not need to physically cash a check. But, if you...
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