How to Fund Your Startup

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You’ve got a great idea for a business. You’ve mapped it all out, and you have a plan to turn that idea into the next big thing. Think Google, eBay, or whatever. As important as that idea is though, there is something equally critical at the beginning of any new business venture: money. In order for your business to get off the ground, you are going to need money to pay for everything – from...
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401k Plan vs. a Roth IRA

Saving for retirement is something that you shouldn’t neglect or put off any longer than you have to. When you do decide to start saving for your retirement, it is critical that you know what type of account that you are going to use. This is because there are several differences between account types that may impact how your money is taxed, which could play a role in how much you actually have...
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What to Do When an Unmarked Car Attempts to Pull You Over

Being pulled over by a real police officer can be disturbing, but what about when you realize that the person isn’t even a police officer? While data on police impersonations can be hard to come by, more than enough incidents have surfaced over the years to make the threat a reality. Police impersonations involving motorists are especially problematic. Impersonators driving unmarked cars pull over...
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Housing Prices Are Climb Stoking Inflation

The Fed analyzes two specific components when evaluating inflation.  The first is wage growth which continues to edge higher, while the second is home prices, which is also on the rise.  The Fed will have a tough decision come December as it appears that the ECB is poised to extend its bond purchase program, which was inferred by traders following the ECB decision to keep rates unchanged on Thursday. ...
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7 Great Ideas to Start Generating Passive Income Today

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Passive Income is money received from a venture on some sort of routine basis, with little effort required to maintain the cash flowing in. Passive income is not money for nothing, however. Most types of passive income take some degree of effort to establish. However, once you’ve successfully launched a passive income stream, it is relatively easy to maintain it, and the additional funds could dramatically...
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