Pension Options: A Future in the Sun

The connotations of the word pension can sometimes be construed as a little soft and fluffy. To many it evokes images of people who, having been issued a bus pass, are happy to spend their time in the garden or in tearooms – wrong! Today’s retirees consist of a broad and dynamic demographic, many of who are looking for adventure and have the money to find it. It is, perhaps, time we refreshed...
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How to Get Your First Job As A Teenager: 6 Steps to Success

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Follow these steps and you will soon you’re only worry will be which job you want to accept.   Anyone can land a great job just by following these proven steps.  And by anyone – that includes you!  It’s time to use your MacBook Pro for something actually professional.    1) Create a Resume and List of References – You may not think at this age your resume would be a blank page but...
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5 Hong Kong Business Norms You Need to Be Aware Of

Hong Kong has been a centre of business for centuries, so it’s no surprise that it’s still considered one of the world’s leading business cities. Business practices in Hong Kong are very different from how business is done in the West.  Hong Kong’s business culture has developed customs that reflect the Asian heritage of the region. If you want to be successful in the Hong Kong market, it’s...
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The Advantages of Getting Consolidate Private Student Loans

College graduation is a joyous event for a lot of people. This occasion brings about hope for a bright future ahead of every graduate. Little do they know that there is a problem lurking behind them and it is the first thing that they will have to face after graduation and it may include consolidating private student loans. No, it is not unemployment, although it may very well be the next thing that...
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Life’s Big Purchases: Smart Steps to Realize Your Dreams Without Going into Debt

Every so often in your life, you’ll find a need to make a big purchase such as a home, car, or boat; while this can be an exciting time, there are a few things you need to be aware of. If you’re ready to make a purchase with a big price tag, you need to make sure that it is the right time in your life to do so. Many people have bought a large-ticket item and soon regretted it. Just keep these three...
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Why all Important Financial Documents Should Be Digital

Robots are taking over. Yes, technology has evolved to such a point that digital consistently beats physical. The... more →