5 Things Wealthy People Don’t Do

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When we usually talk about personal finance, we talk about playing offense. How much money can we earn? What’s the best ROI can we get? Is there a way to contribute to both a solo 401(k) and an employer’s 401(k)? But what about defense? Sometimes it’s just as important to know what to watch out for as to what to aim for. What are the things we should avoid?   To answer that question, I find...
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How to Fund a New Van for your Business

If your business van is looking tired, costing you a lot of money in repairs or you’re just due an upgrade, you might be thinking how am I going to fund a new van for my business? There are many different ways that you can fund a new van without having to spend a lot of money on buying a brand new van outright. The main 2 ways are to buy a new van or to lease one. Here’s the pros and cons to both...
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Easy Social Media Tips for Your Business

The digital revolution has significantly democratized who can quickly and easily set up their own online business venture. But with the entrepreneurial opportunities comes the difficult task of trying to make your own venture stand out in the already crowded marketplace. Thankfully social media has blossomed to enable you to enjoy instant and direct communication with your target audience. And so here...
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How to Give Yourself a Financial Checkup

The wealth of personal finance information at your fingertips is endless. We can learn about the best personal finance apps, we can learn how to max out multiple retirement accounts and we can even learn how to become millionaires. But how do we know if our personal financial situation up-to-date? Do we need a financial checkup?   Knowledge without action is akin to knowing nothing at all. So...
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Top Reasons Why Real Estate Investment Is The Best Investment

As a peaceful human you must think of a peaceful life before and after your retirement. It is clear that a peaceful life comes with money. How could you think of enjoying being a part of this world when you don’t have enough money? Being able to eat your daily food and having a shelter on your head is just enough for many but suppressing the many desires in your heart is not always a great idea....
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