How to Make Your Money Go Further When Buying Property

Recently, the Telegraph ran a fascinating article discussing the experiences of a young British couple who have struggled to make their mark on the London property market in the wake of the recent, exponential growth. Despite having a combined income of £50,000 and a huge deposit of £95,000, they have struggled to identify viable housing in the capital that is within their budget. This highlights...
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3 Ways to Tackle Your Debt

There are many reasons people end up in debt, from losing a job and borrowing to get by or running into financial trouble when trying to make repayments on an existing loan. If you’re having problems with debt and it feels like the amount owed is starting to suffocate you, don’t panic. The first step is accepting that you have debt that needs dealing with and then developing a strategy to cut it...
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How to Avoid Home Repossession

Financial hardships can afflict anyone at any time. They are not a sign of profligacy or an inability to regulate your spending. Rather, they can be down to no more than sheer bad luck. Any one of us could be made redundant unexpectedly, or presented with a contract for reduced hours. Equally, any one of us could be hit by a catalogue of costly disasters that we had no real way of foreseeing. Whether...
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How to Be the Highest Paid Employee in Your Organization

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I’m 25. Although that seems like a very young age, I still have amassed quite a lot of work experience. My parents are self-employed so I’ve been working for basically my entire life. At age 14, I got a job working for someone else after school, on weekends and over summer break. Since then I’ve had internships in the public and private sectors. I’ve worked for several Fortune 500 companies...
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How to help your business build partnerships abroad

One of the best ways for small businesses to expand is by building business partnerships abroad. Accessing foreign labour markets gives you a chance to reach a new customer base and take your business further. Your overseas venture will have much more chance of being a success if you build the right business partnerships, so here are the top tips for building solid business relationships and taking...
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Dangers of Being Too Frugal

There are tons of people out there who think being frugal is the key to success. This article aims to... more →