3 Reasons why leasing is wrongly undervalued

Despite remaining on the fringes of the consumer and commercial mainstream, leasing remains a genuinely viable option for business-owners who are looking to build and maintain a commercial fleet of vehicles. Not only has leasing diversified the automotive sector and created new revenue streams for providers, for example, but also affords flexibility to business-owners and enables them to develop a...
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How to get the most out of your Commercial Van

While the festive period is typically a time of fun and adventure, it also has its downsides. The winter weather can be notoriously harsh, for example, while home burglaries are also known to increase by 20% on average during this time of year. The adverse weather conditions can also increase the likelihood of breakdown and vehicle damage, and while this is inconvenient enough at the best of times...
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What you need to run a van through your business

When running a van through your business (whether this is a personal vehicle or part of a commercial fleet that is classed as an asset), there is a wealth of information that needs to be processed and subsequently applied. By following this data and ensuring that it is followed to the letter, you can ensure that you are compliant with national law and optimise the financial savings you are able to...
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How to Save Money While Traveling Domestically

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I know a person who traveled just 150 miles away and spent $500 for the weekend. That amount of money is a massive amount of money to spend in just a few todays in a medium-sized Midwestern city. To keep others from spending this amount of cheddar, I thought I’d offer up this post. The following post describes things I do when I travel from city to city around the US. These are tips and tricks I...
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Why Should You Invest in Commodities?

Commodities markets have a huge economic impact on nations and people, not only in today’s modern times but also historically. Shortages on commodities have sparked wars throughout history and oversupply have a devastating impact on a region because it devalues the prices of core commodities. Energy commodities are closely watched and monitored by corporations, countries and consumers too. Unusual...
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state with the lowest cost of living, lowest cost of living, state to live in

The State with the Lowest Cost of Living (and Why to Move There)

If your goal is to live a comfortable and enjoyable life while spending the least possible money, you... more →