What Is The Future for Credit Card Reward Schemes?

The future of reward schemes on credit cards is looking pretty uncertain. After the EU capped interchange fees at the end of 2014, interest rates have soared and many of the current rewards schemes, such as cashback when you use your card, that are offered by banks and building societies may soon begin to disappear. In June, Capital One became the first major credit card firm to vastly reduce the rewards...
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How to Keep Your Wealth This Black Friday

Thanksgiving is coming, followed immediately by Black Friday. What this means is that there will be enormous pressure to damage your health and wealth. It’s kind of odd that we generally enjoy damaging these two extremely important aspects of our lives. It doesn’t make much logical sense. But then again, humans are emotional beings before logical beings. With that said, we all feel the...
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5 Top Trends in 2015 for Corporate Treasury and Risk Management

In order to keep up with rapid changes in the world of treasury and risk management, corporate treasurers and their organizations have needed to shift with the times, especially when it comes to technology. To do so, they’ve recalibrated their focuses and new trends have occurred. Here are the five top trends for 2015. More User-Friendly Applications When it comes to applications being designed...
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How to Maintain Two Homes Efficiently

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There comes a point in every successful person’s life where they imagine owning a second home. Maybe they’d like to keep their large family house and buy a condo in the city. Or they start vacationing at a place over and over. They think, “Why not just buy a second home here instead of renting every few months?” Or perhaps they have extra money sitting around. They look to investing in real...
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Christmas Club Accounts. Why?

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Christmas club accounts are bizarre. The idea is that a person can put money into this account which they will use for buying Christmas gifts. This is kind of an archaic way of saving money. This article will explore why it’s not the best idea to keep a club account and what you can do instead. Keeping a Christmas Club account is a hassle. Most financial guru’s recommend keeping only a few bank...
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