The Military-Industrial Complex’s Best Friend? Try Paper…

Military-Industrial Complex's Best Friend
In 1960, President Eisenhower railed against “the military-industrial complex” in a famous speech given just prior to his leaving the presidency. Many Americans since have reflected upon Ike’s words through a prism of the history that has transpired since the speech. But Eisenhower’s warning was rooted in the history that had transpired long before his speech. One of the most...
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Real Estate Rewind | When All the Bubble Trouble Started

Real Estate Rewind, housing crisis
Real estate used to be what many regarded as their best investment.  A cash cow which could be used as a safety net in a time of financial need.  Wanna fund your kids college tuition by doing a cash out refi on your primary residence?  That was soooo 2004.  Fast forward to 2013 and we have a whole new normal.  Our homes are no longer overstuffed piggy banks, the availability of credit is reserved...
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An Interview With Dr. Josh Umbehr, Real Life Medical Concierge Service Provider

Life Medical Concierge Service Provider , health care
In my quest to educate my readers about the future of our nations Health Care and the ways in which we as citizens (not politicians) can make it better, I am exploring concierge medical care.  I believe that the best Health Care in the world should be a private, consumer based model which is entirely what concierge medical care is.  In my previous post about Medical Conceirge Service, I referenced...
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Residential Property Inspectors, I Question Their Motives?

Residential Property Inspectors, motives
Oh, the struggles with selling a home!   We listed our house on March 1 and experienced an overwhelming amount of interest, having close to 75 agency showings in 45 days!   Sounds great huh?  Well it is, except for the fact that once they realized their was no basement in the house, most of them moved on to the next listing.  We did disclose the fact that the house didn’t have a basement,...
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Everyone Gets a Deal With Snagshout

When you are thinking of buying a product what do you do first? Do you look at the specifications that... more →